Camo pants

Camouflage printed items are finally starting to hit the stores here in Argentina and I must say I'm in love with jackets and to get on is the numer 1 priority on my wishlist. But what about pants? I know they're almost the same thing but for some reason they seem to be a little more tricky. In my mind, only fierce women (I'm thinking Rihanna specifically, for some reason) can pull this unisex trend with success. Maybe it's just because camo prints are historically menwear - but thanks French Revolution for bringing us into this new era where women can wear whatever they want (I'm still hoping for a better era though). As the feminist I am, I clearly think that everyone (men and women) can wear whatever they want, even camo pants. I just don't see myself in them - for now.
River Island Khaki camo print skinny trousers. (Source: polyvore)
Cick for street style.

Womenswear (Source:
Menswar (Source: jak & jil)

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