Moschino Cheap And Chic Pre-Fall 2013

I'm back! - I guess.

I am so excited for Pre-Fall 2013 collections. I've only seen a few and I've loved them so far! Let's start with Moschino Cheap and Chic.

This collection has a very gothic schoolgirl look that I absolutely love it. It has a lot of collars, skirts/dresses and black ♥ I think it's fair to say I'd wear pretty much every single item they have shown. The model's hair and make-up was probably a little too vampire style for me but I does match the clothes. Here are some of my favourite outfits:

I can totally see Wednesday Addam from The Addams Family wearing these clothes. In fact, I would never believe the designers if they said she didn't cross her mind through out the making process. Her style is very similar to this collection's. I had never thought about Wednesday as a fashion inspiration but now I realize I really like her clothes.

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