Thierry Mugler

My friends almost never talk about fashion but a few days ago a friend of mine told me that she was really into Thierry Mugler lately, so I've decided to make a set about it every time a friend of mine talks to me about fashion.
I've always thought of Mugler as really crazy, futuristic designs that only great women like Lady Gaga or Anna Dello Russo could pull off (and as I was looking for the pictures to make this post I found a lot of Gaga photos so I guess I was kinda right).
Having all of this in mind, I was surprised when I checked out the Spring 2012 collection. To me, it looked like all the models were coming off a sauna or a desert. It was weird looking. They have a really unusual way of showing skin - diagonal cuts on the abdominal and chest area.
In conclusion, I guess Mugler is okay for runway shows, editorials or really fierce people. However, I didn't like the lastest womenswear collection.
photo made by me with pictures from nymag

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